Welcome to the Hottest Show on Earth!

It’s the 28th Year of the Hottest Show on Earth!

Don’t miss out on the country’s largest and most visited show about spicy foods and barbecue in the world, March 4-6, 2016 at Sandia Resort & Casino!


2015 Fiery Foods Show Program

Much like Godzilla, the National Fiery Foods Show has gone back to sleep after wreaking a little havoc. Both show up briefly, set things ablaze, and then leave. Both take place in cities with great food. Both have made at least 26 appearances. Only one has an actor in a foam costume, though…

Read the full 2015 Fiery Foods Show Post-Game Wrap Up

2015 Instagram Contest Winners

Congratulations ‪#‎FieryFoodsShow‬ Instagram Photo Contest Winners!

Out of the hundreds of photos tagged during the show, we’ve chosen the top 6. It was really hard to choose! Thank you so much for participating in our first ever social media contest. Think we should do this contest again next year? Let us know :)

$250 First Place Prize: @donsifu

2 FREE tickets to the 2016 Fiery Foods Show:

To claim your prize please post a message on your winning photo for proof, then email h...@fiery-foods.com so that we can get your shipping address. Thanks!


Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show Sponsors

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