Selling and Sampling Rules

Specific Rules for Exhibitors Selling and/or Sampling Food Products:

Any exhibitor who is selling or sampling food must comply with all of the following rules and regulations.

1. The Food and Drug Administration 2005 Food Code is the public health guidance document for all food shows.  All food items offered for sale or sample must comply with the conditions under which it is prepared, stored, displayed and all other sanitary conditions related to food items at the show must meet the food code.

2. Exhibitors are responsible for providing documentation that all products being sampled and/or sold are from an approved source.  These documents must be provided to Sunbelt Shows before we can complete your contract.  You have 3 weeks or you will be removed from the layout.

For Persons bottling or canning or representing products that are bottled or canned:

You must provide either (A & B or A & C)

    1. A copy of the scheduled process authority letter, and
    2. For those not exempt and required to file the following is required:
      i.     A copy of FDA form 2541 showing the FCE number
      ii.     A copy of FDA form 2541a (ingredients or recipes may be redacted)
      iii.     A copy of the latest FDA inspection (ingredients or recipes may be redacted) and/or an actual copy of the latest inspection by the health agency, or
    3. For those exempt from filing:
      i.     A copy of the processor’s permit/license
      ii.     A copy of the latest inspection by the health agency

** Returning Exhibitors must provide current Food Manufacturer’s Permit/License and current inspection on a yearly basis.  In the event that an exhibitor moves to a new manufacturer then new FDA documents will also be required.**

Documents should be faxed to Mary Jane at 505-877-8579 or emailed here 

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