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Undeniably, there’s a worldwide trend towards spicier food. There are more and more chili-specialized farms, producers, online shops, forums, blogs, festivals and competitions. There’s a quest to develop the World’s hottest chili, to distill the hottest hot sauce, to eat the biggest amount of super hot chilis in the shortest time. Chilis have become a real superfood in countless shapes, colors and flavors: a kind of global warming, but in a good way join our epic journey to the hottest festivals, anecdotes and recipes around the World, and listen to experts and chili heads like:

  • Dave DeWitt, “Pope of Peppers” and founder of the Fiery Foods Show
  • Sohyi Kim, Korean master chef
  • Dejian Li, President of the World Chilli Alliance and China’s biggest chili processor
  • Enzo Monaco, founder of the Accademia Italiana del Peperoncino
  • Erich and Priska Stekovics, Austria’s biggest chili farmers
  • Josef Zotter, innovative chocolate maker

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